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In the beginning, when Amy and Wendy first met in Junior High, they quickly realized they were kindred spirits with color-coordinated closets and neatly lined bathroom shelves.  Needing a plan to pay for college, they decided to form their first business, ‘Let’s Organize It!’  (Yes, there was an exclamation point in the name, and it was proudly proclaimed with a Valley Girl accent. Hey, it was the 80’s…)

​Our mission was simple - to organize our clients’ homes and make their lives easier. The business quickly grew, and we made the money needed to pursue our college dreams.


Then, with our college degrees in the rear-view mirror, we leaned into our lives and led successful corporate careers fueled by knowing how to simply... get things done.  As life unfolded, our skill sets expanded to meet family challenges including: moving our elderly family members out of their homes, sorting through years–LAYERS–of accrued possessions, downsizing our own homes and making tough choices when our own coveted collections overwhelmed us. 


​We’ve been through the process of simplifying, organizing and moving more times than we can count, both personally and professionally. Bottom line–we get it. 


In 2015, we created Task NW to meet the organizing, downsizing and moving assistance needs of our clients in Oregon and Washington. Task NW then expanded to Idaho, to address the rapidly growing needs of the Sun Valley area.  Our team in Idaho also offers our boutique Task Property Management services.


Task NW has grown beyond our wildest imaginations. In 2022, we took a moment, reflected on our passion, and decided to re-focus our efforts on the West Coast. Serendipitously, while visiting family in Sacramento, Wendy met Lisa Hershey, an up-and-coming organizer in search of a brand that aligned with her dream of helping family, friends and clients “organize their homes to simplify their lives”. We knew that Lisa’s spirit and drive were a perfect fit to keep our Task NW goals alive and expand into California.


The Task NW team of powerhouse women  are diligent, trustworthy, extremely efficient and love what we do...


Let Task help you get it done!

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After a 15-year career in professional cycling, and traveling the world,
Jennifer planted roots in the Wood River Valley. In addition to exploring the
valley with hikes, runs and gravel rides, she is active in volunteer work with a
handful of non-profits in the valley. Jennifer has spent the last 12 years as
operational support and project manager for several outdoor brands and non-profits.

She brings years of management and operations skills to the Task NW Property Management team.  “I have found home in the valley. For those who don’t have the advantage of living here full-time, the team and I strive to manage their property and home so all the tasks are done, the property looks amazing and homeowners can relax and enjoy this amazing place.”

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Lisa holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from San Diego State University, a master’s degree in public health from Loma Linda University, and certifications for yoga instruction and peace ambassadorship. She has spent the last 25+ years directing statewide healthy communities’ initiatives, managing organizations, and helping people thrive, while raising two amazing children with her wonderful husband, teaching yoga, and running with friends.


        After two-plus decades of navigating this intense work, the COVID-19 pandemic, and the ever-changing political landscape, I determined that a clear vision, strong organizational skills, and healthy humans are key to success. And I also discovered that burnout is real.  In January 2022, Lisa decided, “enough is enough” and chose health and wellbeing over career. She resigned from her job, sold their family home, and purged 32 years of “stuff”. Lisa realized she could choose to live life differently, lead with her values, focus on her priorities, and combine her passions for helping people and organizing places by becoming an  American Society of Professional Organizers Certified Professional Home Organizer.

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Wendy holds psychology and sociology degrees from Portland State University, and studied business and marketing at the University of Oregon. She has spent the last ten years helping companies set-up their daily operations, create business development plans, and organize their administrative functions.

     “In the span of twenty years, I orchestrated over twenty home moves, and assisted in starting up or rebuilding a dozen companies. I was always obsessed about making each move, and each company, more efficient and better managed than the one before, and feel that I've accomplished my goals! I also thrive on transforming my friends’ closets and pantries into clean, organized spaces as a gift to save them time and provide peace of mind.”

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An apparel designer by trade, Amy holds a degree in Apparel Design, and has over 21 years experience in the sports and outdoor apparel industry. She is an enthusiastic team player, and has a knack for creative problem-solving and a keen eye for design.   Amy loves the challenge of re-inventing personal spaces, and giving old things new life.

            “As a long-time collector of vintage and antique items, I decided to turn my passion into a business opportunity by becoming an antiques dealer.  Beyond just knowing the value of these items (and how to best maximize their profits), I innately understand the emotional attachments we all have with our ‘loved items’.  And, as a mother of two kids, I’m well aware of how even the most organized of homes can become messy and chaotic!” 

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