Amy and Wendy, Task Masters

When the two of us met in Junior High, we quickly realized we were kindred spirits with our color-coordinated closets and neatly lined bathroom shelves.  Needing a plan to pay for college, we decided to form our first business, ‘Let’s Organize It!’  (Yes, there was an exclamation point in the name, and we proclaimed it with a Valley Girl accent. Hey, it was the 80’s.)

Our mission was simple - to organize our clients’ homes and make their lives easier. Our business quickly grew, and we began running errands for our clients and assisting in several relocation projects.  Then, with our college degrees in the rear-view mirror, we led successful careers fueled by knowing how to simply... get things done.  As life unfolded, our skill sets expanded to meet family challenges; moving our elderly family members out of their homes, sorting through years–LAYERS–of accrued possessions, downsizing our own homes and making tough choices when our own coveted collections overwhelmed us.

We’ve been through the process of simplifying, organizing and moving more times than we can count, both personally and professionally. Bottom line–we get it.

Older now, hopefully wiser…we’re so excited to bring Task to our clients, helping  them organize and simplify their lives. We are diligent, trustworthy, extremely efficient and love what we do!

Let Task help you get it done.


Proudly serving the Pacific Northwest