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     Our clients are everything to us, and we make every effort to exceed their expectations. We work with a variety of individuals and unique situations, and have yet to find a job too big or complex for us to handle. Check out what some of our valued clients have said about us - we’d love to provide you with the same great service.

"Lisa rolled up her sleeves with her characteristic positive energy to help me simplify, organize, and create new space in my home on my journey to becoming a foster parent. We edited five very full closets down to three clean and simple spaces where all my things are so much easier to find, and freed up two closets for my future new family members. Lisa also helped me move furniture and design closet and desk solutions so that my bedrooms and work from home nook are more spacious and comfortable. I can’t say enough about the support, expertise, motivation, and incredible service Lisa provided to me!"  

Jeanie Ward-Waller - Deputy Director at CalTrans

"Organizing was a ‘Task’ well done during the process of committing to purge our lives of everything excessive. When we called to ask for help, we had no idea how easy Task would make it to release all the many things that we had held onto for years.  When you call on Task...immediately there is a view of the finish line! After during our own home, the Task team helped my aging mother-in-law move from her 2nd floor living space to the 1st floor to accommodate her changing physical needs."

Marcus - Retired CEO

"Lisa has the incredible ability to translate your attachment to your belongings into organizational systems that work for your style. With two young children we have always struggled to keep common spaces clear and can never seem to find the shoe, jacket, super hero, or school book we’re looking for. Lisa transformed our space and brought the children into the process. Now time spent tidying takes us quickly back to clean and we can find what we need. Lisa worked with our 7 year old to transform her chaotic room to a space she now wants to keep tidy. Our daughter now frequently exclaims “I know where that goes” instead of resisting requests of clean up. "

Jennifer Teerlink - Assistant Director & Deputy Science Advisor at California Department of Pesticide Regulation

“Task is like an Uber for getting stuff done in my life. I needed a quick-turn closet pack-up, and shipping project. They were on it - timely, efficient, everything taken care of for me the next day!  I am so happy Task is in Portland, and looking forward to using it again in the future. 5 stars." 
Gregg Semler - President / CEO, InPipe Energy

"We have utilized Task on a couple of occasions to help with the seasonal organization of our closets.  They are thorough and efficient, and a pleasure to work with...I would recommend Task to my friends and clients!"
Shelley - Branch Manager, Title Company

"As a busy working mom with an active family life, there was little time to keep up with the clutter that had piled up.  As well, I had 'inherited' furniture from my Grandmother and it was overtaking my garage.  That's when I knew I wasn't going to be able to do it myself, and needed help!  Task made a stressful and overwhelming situation into a project I was happy to participate in. Now I have less things to manage on my To-Do list...thank you Task!  Cyndi Brigham - Marketing Program Manager, Intel

"In an attempt to consolidate three homes into one, I realized the project was too overwhelming to tackle on my own.  Task helped streamline this process by downsizing to the possessions we only really need and use.  They worked hard and efficiently during on-site organization, without wasting a single minute. I could just sit back, relax, and be the decision maker with objective and unemotional input from Task.  They mindfully and logically organized our basement storage unit and garage so we can now find things without digging through piles of gear. They coordinated and facilitated movers, and took our unwanted items to charities, consignment stores, the dump or sold them on CraigsList. They are truly professional organizers!"
Kara Hobson, DDS, MS - Owner, Straightline Orthodontics

"Every single client we referred to you absolutely raved about your service. Thank YOU for helping out. We knew everything would work out well with your team involved!"

Katherine Rixon - Owner/Broker, Rixon and Cronin

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